New shop review – Monki

Beautifully basic – these pieces are simple and uncomplicated

I headed straight to the shirts and knits and could not believe that the clothes matched the price tags – roughly between £20- £35. With plenty of neutral and pastel shades – with the odd quirky polka-dot – you’ll be able to pull together a pretty and chic look that will last.

The only UK shop is on Carnaby Street London – which I will be checking out soon to get a feel of the in-store vibe. The on-line shop is easy to use, but the products need more attention to showcase their beauty as the medium sized thumbnails don’t do many of the items justice! On-line shipping is £6 so it is worth picking out a few pieces to buy at once – a task you certainly won’t find difficult!

Check out what I have my eye on on my pinterest board.

0148113003_1_0            0151995005_1_0          0154071001_7_0


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